The Alberta Advantage isn't a myth

If you want to do business, there's no better place than Edmonton

Edmonton’s business climate is one of the friendliest in the world. Our business community is characterized by collaboration and support. We’re a city that extends a hand and then rolls up its sleeves to make things happen.
KPMG ranks Edmonton as one of the lowest-cost mid-size cities in North America for business

Entrepreneurial cities know an entrepreneur’s needs

No provincial sales tax, no payroll tax and extremely low personal and corporate tax rates, make Alberta one of the most cost-competitive places to do business in the world.
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Entrepreneurial cities know an entrepreneur’s needs

In Edmonton, you’re surrounded by like-minded, enterprising business people interested in realizing opportunity more than image or ego.

Other advantages include no health care premiums, no machinery and equipment tax, no inventory tax, and the lowest fuel tax of any province in the country.

Edmonton boasts low labour costs, property taxes, and overall tax burden.

With the tax rates to match

The general corporate income tax rate in Alberta is 11 per cent — one of the lowest in Canada. The small business income tax rate is two per cent for eligible small businesses with income up to $500,000.

The combined federal/provincial corporate income tax rate in the Edmonton Region is 26 per cent for general businesses, 11 per cent for small businesses, and a competitive corporate income tax rate is in place for manufacturers.

11% Provincial corporate tax rate

Alberta has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the country.

#1 most competitive city in Canada

KPMG ranks Edmonton as the most tax competitive city in Canada.

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