JETRO Enterprise Edmonton

Global Business Development

Turn Your Local Opportunities into Global Successes

Have a local, high-impact investment-ready opportunity? Let us be your business development team abroad. We'll connect your opportunity to foreign investors looking to take a leap and grow in our city.

Real Estate/Land

An existing real estate opportunity, whether pre-built or conceptual, looking for a direct sale or investment. Our Trade Managers will present appropriate opportunities to investors and connect them with the real estate agent or seller.

Business Expansion

An opportunity where an operational business is looking for investment to grow revenues or change, including expansion in its current location, expansion in a new market, or divesting in a new party. This includes established SMEs, and startups at the series investment round.

Market Opportunity

A market opportunity exists in a situation where Edmonton is the ideal location that can help significantly improve a foreign business, due to a gap in the local market or because we have the skills and talent required to make the business successful.

Take a risk. It's the most Edmonton thing you can do.

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