Welcome to Edmonton

1.3 Million people call Alberta's capital city home. We could go on to tell you why we love Edmonton, but it's truly better to experience what 18 hours of sunlight a day feels like in the summer, or how the first snowfall paints our river valley like an artist's infinite canvas.



Meet the woman at the center of community building

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A New Era of Entertainment
in Edmonton

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Have an idea to make #YEG better? Prototype it on June 3

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Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday Edmonton style!

Edmonton’s year-long sesquicentennial celebration has begun, and we're celebrating this milestone Edmonton-style!

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Edmonton businesses are encouraged to join the celebrations for Canada’s 150th anniversary!

Art in Unconventional Spaces.

Strewn across the convention centre and our surrounding area, over 70 pieces of artwork of all mediums, shapes and sizes stands ready to steal your attention and spark up a conversation.

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