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We're building something extraordinary here

If you have the courage to take an idea to reality, to build, to make something. Edmonton is your city.

This is Edmonton

A city of makers and risk takers. Of doers and dreamers. Take a risk. It’s the most Edmonton thing you can do. This is our unofficial credo. It’s what guides those who live here. We are a city where ideas come to be.

Prosperous and Resilient

We are located in the wealthiest province in the country, and have a median family income that’s +20% higher than the national average. Our GDP is $88 billion, with an annual growth rate of 1.8%. Our diversified and resilient economy make us a reliable city of choice for companies on the grow.

Smart and Talented

Approximately 56 per cent of our city’s population, over the age of 15, has some form of post-secondary education attainment. We're home to internationally renowned education and research institutions such as the University of Alberta and the Artificial Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII).

Globally connected

Edmonton is the ideal access hub for North America and beyond. Edmonton International Airport is a designated Foreign Trade Zone, with premium international flights that connect our city to over 60 destinations all over Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe.

We're open for business

Collaboration and an open environment for ideas and business are what make Edmonton a city where you can create change. In Edmonton, we don’t just dream up ideas of what is possible for our city. We move quickly from concept to action, and find the right partners to bring projects to life.


From artificial intelligence to food and agri-industrial, Edmonton has one of the most diversified economies in the world. Learn more about our sectors primed for growth.
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Edmonton is not like other cities and that's a good thing.
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Why Edmonton?

Edmonton is a smart, reliable city-of-choice because we have a solid history of stability, a very high quality of life, and a welcoming spirit that embraces new people and new ideas. Find out why our city is the perfect place for people on the grow to succeed.
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Edmonton is a city where people and business are so quick to band together in the pursuit of greatness. You don't bump elbows here. You don't get stuck behind a wall of red tape.
Traci Bednard VP of Communications & Passenger Experience, Edmonton International Airport