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We work with global investors who want to take a leap and grow in our city. When you have questions, we're here to answer. When you need to see for yourself, we will host you as a valued guest and connect you to what you need to succeed.
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World Trade Centre

We Know


We work with stakeholders and partners to promote and generate awareness of the opportunities for growth in the city.


We can help you gather the data driven information you need to assess competitiveness, fit, and the factors that are important for your growth.


We can help you build the business case for investing when it's about the numbers—and more.


We can connect you to a network of people in the public and private sectors who will be part of your business growth success.


We can help speed up your entry into the market by coordinating and supporting you for ease of establishment.

In It Together

Find willing help.

We think like entrepreneurs. Our business community is characterized by collaboration and support.

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded, enterprising business people, interested in realizing opportunity more than image or ego.

We’re a city that extends a hand and then rolls up its sleeves to make things happen.

Along the way we’re prepared to help anyone should they falter and more than happy to celebrate alongside in their success.

What are your goals? How can we help?

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