Downtown Construction

Next Level Opportunities

Revitalized and Reinvented

Over $5.5 billion is being invested in the development of residential towers and retail spaces, office towers, new hotels, educational institutions, arts and culture facilities and light rail transit. Edmonton is full of opportunities for those looking to take a leap and grow in our city.
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Real Estate

Edmonton is growing at an unprecedented rate, and prime real estate opportunities are plentiful. Given such abundance, gaining insight on every existing opportunity can be tricky.

But whether it is in the heart of our rapidly expanding downtown core or elsewhere, our team can connect you with the appropriate assets, agents, and sellers in our city. We have both the strong relationships in the market and the access to the current information that will enable your success here.

Plane Landing

Business Expansion

Expansion opportunities are complex and come in many different forms in many different industries. Whether you're looking to expand through investment to grow revenue or add a new market focus, or as a means to inject new cash, operating goals, or expertise, we can help expedite the process of growing into our city.

Our team can provide your company with connections to key contacts, valuable market intelligence essential to navigating each opportunity, and marketing and promotion assistance through our various lead-generation partners.

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Market Opportunity

From land development (whether revitalization of an existing project or a transformational new concept on undeveloped land), to an industry-driven opportunity where a competitive gap has been identified, Edmonton is an ideal place to explore whatever market opportunity you can identify.

Whatever the stage of development, our team is here to identify competitive opportunities and facilitate their prompt and successful realization.

Cost-competitive and endlessly innovative, our city is ready to take a risk and try it out, whatever it is. If you can dream it, we can build it. Get in touch.

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