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10 Good Reasons to Invest Here

Edmonton is:

1. A Cost-Competitive Place to do Business

Alberta has long had the most business-friendly tax environment in Canada. Albertans benefit from: no provincial retail sales-tax, no provincial capital taxes, no payroll taxes (including no health care premiums), a low corporate tax rate, and the lowest gasoline tax amongst Canadian provinces.

2. The Most Affordable Major City in Canada

YouthfulCities’ Urban Work Index details that Edmonton is the most affordable major city to live in all of Canada, besting out other metropolitan cities approaching a population of 1 million. This includes the most affordable transportation of all Canadian cities, and the 4th most affordable secondary education.

Additionally, at $15.00 an hour, Alberta’s minimum wage is the highest in country.

3. Open for Investment

The Alberta Investor Tax Credit is a 30 per cent tax credit to investors who provide capital to Alberta companies in the following sectors: information technology, clean technology, health technology, interactive digital media and game products, and post-production, visual effects and digital animation sectors.

Additionally, our federal and provincial governments have made it a strategic priority to attract more foreign talent, making Canada a recognized leader in economic immigration. In Alberta, the Province complements the Federal priorities with their own Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. This program also supports the opportunity to bring in foreign labour.

An advantage of these programs is that they allow foreigners to work in Canada while they pursue their permanent residency.

4. Globally Connected

Edmonton is a designated Foreign Trade Zone and a strategic transportation centre for Western and Northern Canada. The city is located on major transportation corridors for rail and road, making it the only major city that can access all other major cities in Western Canada within 24 hours or less by road.

The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) serves over 6 million passengers annually and is the largest major Canadian airport by land mass (7,000 acres). Not only is it the 5th busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic and North America’s northernmost major airport, it is also the fastest growing major airport in Canada over the last 10 years.

EIA has direct international cargo flights to the United States, China, Japan, and the European Union, and is also one of only three cargo airports in Canada with a 24-hour operational capacity.

5. Home to a Diverse, Resilient Economy

Edmonton has the most diversified economy in Canada. This has allowed for resilience in the face of low oil prices, with health, education, government services, energy, construction, and entrepreneurship forming the backbone of our city’s economy. Our strong economic profile has led to the 4th most new jobs per capita created per quarter in 2018 of all metropolitan cities in Canada.

Edmonton currently has the second-highest median family income among major Canadian cities, one that is +30 per cent higher than the national average.

Edmonton is a city on the move attracting great young minds from around North America & the world. It's a place where big ideas are embraced, where the community unites around seizing opportunity.
Bob Black Vice President, Katz Group

6. One of Canada's Youngest, Fastest Growing Cities

Over the past decade, Edmonton has consistently ranked as one of Canada’s fastest growing metropolitan areas. The most recent data shows that between 2011 and 2016 Edmonton grew by 13.9%, nearly triple the overall Canadian growth rate of 5.0%. Edmonton grew at more than double the rate of Toronto and Vancouver, and more than triple the rate of Montreal.

Edmonton is also one of Canada’s youngest cities. As of 2016 the average age of its population is 37.3, compared to 41.0 years for all Canadians. Nearly half of the population is younger than 35 years of age, with 21.5% of the population being youth—the 3rd highest of all cities in Canada.

7. The #1 Ranked City for Youth in Canada

According to YouthfulCities, an organization that exists to promote the cause of youth in urban areas, Edmonton is the best city for youth to work in Canada. As laid out in their Urban Work Index, our city ranks first when taking into account the themes of Affordability, Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship.

Access to a young, motivated and skilled labour pool within Edmonton ensures industry has the skills it needs to be successful, and retaining these workers is easier with our reputation as the best place for youth to work in Canada.

8. Diverse and Welcoming

As one of Canada's most culturally diverse and vibrant communities, Edmonton strongly reflects Canada’s s multicultural fabric and we are happy to welcome and integrate newcomers regardless of where they are from. There are more than 100 languages spoken in our community, and approximately 24.1% of Edmonton’s population speaks a non-official language as their mother tongue.

9. The Site for Transformational Development

Edmonton’s downtown core is in the middle of a rapid transformation, with over $5 billion worth of downtown developments planned, underway, or to be completed by 2020. This is anchored by ICE District, the largest mixed-use sports and entertainment district in North America.

Edmonton is an ideal environment for fresh ideas, for redefining paradigms, & for transforming inspiration into reality.
Bob Black Executive Vice President, Katz Group

10. A Vibrant Community with a Full Calendar of Fun

A history rooted in isolation has taught us to make our own fun. It’s also left us with a social calendar that’s overflowing with a seemingly endless selection of must-sees and must-dos. Take our festival scene. With 100+ festivals happening year-round, hardly a week goes by without some cultural event bringing people together and our streets to life. Some annual favourites include Heritage Festival, a celebration of multicultural sights, sounds and tastes; Folk Fest, four free-spirited days of eclectic music and great food; and The Fringe, North America’s biggest and oldest celebration of innovative theater and performance arts.

Edmonton is a vibrant urban center in the heart of wilderness. Running through the heart of our city is the breathtaking North Saskatchewan River Valley, Canada’s largest urban parkland, and one that features 20 major parks and 160 km of maintained pathways to walk, run or bike.

And while the weather can be harsh, our long winters mean even longer, brighter days in the warm summer. Alberta is Canada’s sunniest province, with over 17 hours of daylight in the summers. See for yourself!

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