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Innovate Edmonton, a division of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), supports our city’s most driven tech-sector entrepreneurs and visionaries. The division’s purpose is to help founders and their teams bring ground-breaking ideas to market – whether as a startup or a high-potential scaleup – by bringing together the right people, resources and funding.

The Innovate Edmonton Business Plan

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Inspiring homegrown talent to dream big to solve the world's most important problems.

Technology is changing our world at an unprecedented pace. Companies focused on innovation are redefining the way we live. This is Innovate Edmonton. We create an environment where ideas can thrive. A place that helps you overcome whatever roadblocks you face. Where our doors are always open and our lights are always on. We believe in the power of “yes and yes.” When you’ve hit a wall, we’re here to help you build windows. And we collaborate with our city’s brightest minds to create new tech businesses and boost the ones that want to keep growing.


We inspire our community to action. Along the way creating a viable new economy for our city. And a reputation that will open more doors – global doors – in recognition of our market’s innovation leadership.

A division of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), Innovate Edmonton contributes to Edmonton’s economic growth and diversification through the creation of new tech-enabled businesses, by helping high potential businesses scale, and by inspiring action to fuel growth in the city’s innovation and entrepreneurship communities.

Together, we will be unstoppable.
Edmonton Innovation Ecosystem Innovate 1 30 2020

Charting the Edmonton Innovation Ecosystem

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Edmonton Ecosystem Relationships Chart

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The Advanced Technology Centre

Finish what you start up

Edmonton is at a tipping point – one where our world-class talent and creativity could open new frontiers and define our city’s future. As we look toward every exciting, unpredictable tomorrow, Innovate Edmonton will be there to bring our brightest minds together, ignite the imaginations of our city’s entrepreneurs and support the communities that strengthen us.

Innovation doesn't happen in isolation

Innovate Edmonton brings together and supports our city’s most driven tech sector entrepreneurs and visionaries. Our purpose is to help you bring your groundbreaking ideas to market – whether you are a startup or a high-potential scaleup – by bringing the right people, resources and funding together specific to your idea.

Why do we focus on innovation? Because an innovative city is a prosperous city. Technology-enabled innovation companies grow quickly and create wealth at higher rates than traditional sectors. They also accelerate our economy’s diversification. When these companies excel, so do all Edmontonians.

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Alex Hryciw
Alex Hryciw
Director, Strategy and Government Relations
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