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Not just good, a world leader

Edmonton succeeds through a combination of a strong entrepreneurial culture and the backing of top-five-in-world research institutions. Individual action is alloyed through strong community teamwork and a bottom-up approach to problem solving.

The best Artificial Intelligence research in Canada

Edmonton is one of three Canadian Artificial Intelligence superclusters, along with Toronto-Waterloo and Montreal. The University of Alberta (UAlberta) is ranked third globally for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research according to the global Computer Science Rankings. It is just slightly behind Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, and ahead of places such as Stanford and MIT.

DeepMind, a research institution in the forefront of machine learning, chose Edmonton for its first lab outside the U.K. That decision caused a major ripple in the international science community. The Royal Bank's research and development lab Borealis AI also chose to establish a lab in the city to capitalize on the city's talent pool of graduating students and the growing Artificial Intelligence community here.

Edmonton is Health City

Home to one the country’s leading research universities, as well as several top research hospitals, Alberta, and in particular Edmonton, has long been a centre of health innovation. But the sector has struggled to reach its full potential.

As the country’s first and largest province-wide, fully-integrated health system, AHS has access to the medical information of over four million Albertans. The next biggest health system, Région de Montréal-Centre, is half the size, and does not contain the same demographic wealth.

Innovative companies are ready to use this, urban, rural and incredibly diverse data set on a host of new health innovations.

World-Class in Games

Founded in 1995 by UAlberta trained medical doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, BioWare started as making simulators for the health market before the staff quickly decided they would rather be making video games. Quickly, BioWare established itself as one of the world’s leading voices in narrative games.

Now in 2019, the city is host to dozens of game companies, including Beamdog – a spiritual succssessor to BioWare – and a studio run by Improbable – making both game engines and next-generation video games.

In December if 2018, “The Doctors” as they are warmly known as within the community, were recognized with the order of Canada for their impact on narrative games and the creation of the games community in Edmonton.

As a global leader in AI research UAlberta's many excellent professors and researchers produce leading-edge scientific discoveries and play a vital role in attracting and retaining top AI talent
Mario Nascimento professor and chair of the UAlberta's department of computing science