Innovate Edmonton Business Plan

A message from Innovate Edmonton Vice President Cheryll Watson

Edmonton is at a tipping point – one where our world-class talent and creativity could open new frontiers and define our city’s future. We are one of Canada’s youngest cities with the highest discretionary income in the country. One of the most affordable major cities to live in, we have some of the country’s best educational institutions, and we provide a growing ecosystem to support entrepreneurs to take a risk. This city has been quietly leading the way in two key areas — artificial intelligence and machine learning, and health and life sciences — but we are competing with the world and the risk of falling behind is real.

The conversion from potential to prosperity is not an automatic process, and entails a bold commitment to an economy that nurtures and supports businesses that leverage the city’s strong knowledge and research resources effectively. Correctly utilized, these strengths are the raw material that can be worked into the next-generation of wealth producing companies for the city.

Innovate Edmonton brings together and supports our city’s most driven tech sector entrepreneurs and visionaries. We believe an innovative city is a prosperous city. Technology enabled companies grow quickly and create wealth at higher rates than traditional sectors. They accelerate our economy’s diversification and when these companies excel, so do all Edmontonians.

I believe that Edmonton has the potential to be recognized as one of the top cities for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. With 25% of current Canadian jobs set to be heavily impacted by technology, we need to unite for solutions that benefit us all and Innovate Edmonton is committed to doing just that.

We present this business plan with a sense of urgency: technology is rapidly changing the way we live, work, play and do business. We’re no longer tasked with showcasing what we have created as an innovative city, but what we can and will create using the talent and assets we have at our disposal. This is a vision for what we aim to achieve through collaboration and shared aspirations.

Now is our time.

Yours in partnership,

Cheryll Watson

Cheryll Watson, Vice President, Innovate Edmonton
A division of Edmonton Economic Development

From Potential To Prosperity