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Explore global opportunities to expand your customer base and grow your business. Companies who export can become more resilient, prolong their product life cycle, and increase their exposure to innovation. If you’re unfamiliar with export or if you need support internationally, we’re here to help.
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TAP Program

Services and Programs

Our services and programs support you at every step of your export journey, whether you are new to trade or looking to make a bigger impact in an international market.

Advice and Coaching

Our team of Trade Managers work with companies on a one-to-one level, providing expert advice and coaching to explore your opportunity and address your export questions and needs.

Facilitated Connections

We facilitate global connections with stakeholders, companies, commissioners, government agencies, contacts and fixers in the target market you are looking to expand into.

Take the leap from local to global.

Global Growth Services and Programs

Only 7.7% of Edmonton SMEs export and 85.5% export to the U.S.. There is a whole world that awaits.

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