Artificial Intelligence Business Plan

Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, a group of Alberta-based academic, research, industry, investment and commercialization leaders came together to understand what it would take to seize the opportunity and transform the academic advantage of being top 3 in the world in AI research and develop a community sponsored Business Plan to create a Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy working for the benefit of Alberta, and ultimately Canada.

The business plan, which is centered around the world-class AI research capability at the University of Alberta and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), outlines how the Alberta AI ecosystem, supported by government, industry and other stakeholders working together, can develop into a self-sustaining commercial AI centre, with the ambition to become a billion dollar industry for the province within the next five years.

This moment in time is a once-in-a-century opportunity to put Alberta on a global map in an area that will define our future. Alberta has the ingredients, the passion, the momentum; and now, we have the plan to take this future in our hands! Download the AB AI Business Plan for more information.

A case for change, and rationale for the Alberta AI Centre ambition

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Cheryll Watson
Cheryll Watson
VP Innovate Edmonton