Trade Accelerator Program

Trade Accelerator Program (TAP): Year in Review

Luke Smith
January 6, 2020

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Competing at all means competing globally. Growing your business in today’s increasingly interconnected age means accepting this reality.

Opportunities abroad have never been more abundant or more accessible, and your competitors are certainly taking advantage already.

But it is a long way from Old Strathcona to New York, from Jasper Avenue to Japan. Exporting to new markets is a lot of work—you will need all the assistance that you can find. Over the past 15 months, our team at EEDC, in partnership with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, have run the Trade Accelerator Program in Edmonton to provide that assistance. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We have run 6 TAP cohorts consisting of 24 workshop days for 66 different companies.
  • The bulk of these companies have successfully graduated with a market entry plan in place that they are ready to execute.
  • To date, TAP graduates have successfully entered into markets as far-reaching as Indonesia, USA, Japan, Australia, the European Union, and Mexico, with more to come.
  • TAP participants have come from a wide diversity of local industries, from medical devices, to breweries, to skincare, to food products, to manufacturing, and many more.
  • EEDC and the Chamber of Commerce have worked with over 20 sponsors and community partners, such as Health City, Alberta Innovates, Alberta Enterprise, and many more, to bring companies the networks and the export assistance necessary for success.

6 TAP Cohorts

24 Workshop Days

66 Companies

We would extremely recommend TAP for anyone looking to export and scale up their business, and we are glad we were part of the program.
Rehmani Brothers Ltd.

More than just Edmonton, though, TAP is a national program that was started in Toronto and is now implemented in every major city in Canada. While the numbers are still coming in from Edmonton companies, some of the national results to-date, according to the Toronto Board of Trade, are very promising:

  • TAP has helped to generate more jobs at higher salaries: an average of 2.4 new jobs created per company and 1.8 export related jobs per company, for a total of 4.3 jobs per company at an average annual salary of $66k.
  • Participating companies have shown that 1 year after TAP, their export revenue increases an average of 38%, their total revenues by 19%.
  • There are more companies exporting in more regions across the globe: only 7% of Canadian companies export, whereas 78% of TAP companies do.
  • 91% of participating companies found TAP and the export plan they generated to be helpful.
TAP is a great program to be a part of! I would recommend it to any YEG company planning to expand globally.
SYC Brewing
TAP opens your eyes, calms misconceptions, and allows growth and expansion.
PSI Industrial-Mechanical

Want to take advantage of this opportunity and take your local company global? TAP cohort 201 begins February 12 - join now! Find more information below and sign-up today.

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