Innovation Compass Final Report

YEG Innovation Compass
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Cheryll Watson
June 20, 2019

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YES and… !

After 8 months of engagement in our community Chris Henderson and ZGM Modern Marketing Partners have released the final report from the Innovation Compass.

I want to sincerely thank this community for your dedication and commitment to the process. This kind of undertaking is never easy but it’s important and you gave up hours of your time at your business or with your friends and family to participate. Please know it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. In the coming weeks we’ll all read through these findings and I encourage you to connect within the community and share thoughts about it. We’ll have a chance to gather on July 18th at the Edmonton Innovation Ecosystem Community (EIEC) meeting to ask Chris questions and discuss next steps together. If you don’t have this meeting in your calendar, please mark it down and register to be there via our Eventbrite link here.

Chris provided an important preface to this report that I’d like to emphasize: this is not a new action plan for the innovation ecosystem or a list of demands from Edmonton’s entrepreneurs. This report captures the opinions and perceptions of the community. It provides an understanding of how this community’s entrepreneurs feel and think about the state of Edmonton’s innovation ecosystem and describes how they believe it should move forward.

We’ve made incredible progress, put aside our differences and committed to work for the better of our city as a whole. Let’s embrace these findings with a “YES and…” disposition and push for the momentum Edmonton needs to become a world-class innovative city.

Yours in partnership.


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