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Why Edmonton?
Edmonton is a smart, reliable city-of-choice because we have a solid history of stability, a very high quality of life, and a welcoming spirit that embraces new people and new ideas. Find out why our city is the perfect place for people on the grow to succeed.
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How We Help
We help businesses start, grow and expand. See for yourself the services and programs we provide to help your company get to the next level and achieve success sooner.
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Innovation in Action
From Artificial Intelligence to Agriculture — our expertise and excellence is sought in a variety of sectors and industries. Learn where we’re leading the world.
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It’s not who you know. It’s what you’re making.

How can we help?

Asking a Question

I Have an Idea

Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming when you first start exploring the idea of launching a product or opening a business. Startup Edmonton programs connect you with a community of peers, point you towards resources, and help you map out business fundamentals. Startup Edmonton supports entrepreneurs as they start and grow tech companies.
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Are you ambitious, committed and excited to get to work on your company? Startup founders see significant business opportunities and are hungry to create companies that grow quickly and make a significant impact. If this sounds like you, Startup Edmonton and the thriving tech and business community have programs, spaces and events to support your efforts.
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TEC Edmonton

Scale Ups

Growing companies need unique support to gain market traction and attract funding. As your company grows, you need to focus on strategy, implement processes, and continue to improve your product. Access industry experts, business services, and a large network of alumni companies through programs, accelerators, and spaces at the ATC and TEC Edmonton.
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A City That Punches Above Its Weight

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20% higher than average family income

Edmonton currently has the second highest median family income among Canadian cities, one that is +30 per cent higher than the Canadian national average.

#1 place in Canada for youth to work

A well-balanced city for youth in urban work, Edmonton was named by YouthfulCities as the overall winner in areas of affordability, education, employment and entrepreneurship.

#3 in the world for Artificial Intelligence research

The University of Alberta is ranked 3rd globally for the past 25 years (CSRankings) in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning research, and has contributed to some of the field’s most important advancements.

Some cities are finished. Others you can change.


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