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Telephone, Cable and Satellite TV Services

Compare the services and the fees before you choose a provider. You will need to decide if you want a landline or a mobile phone, or both. You will probably also want cable TV and internet services.

Many companies offer lower prices for customers who sign for more than one service, called a “bundle.”

There are numerous providers of these services in Edmonton. When you compare them, ask about fees, cost of local and long distance calls, and all details of the contract.

You may have to complete a credit application, provide proof of employment, and/or pay a deposit. It is refunded when you cancel your service, as long as all bills have been paid and contracted obligations met.

Cable TV or Satellite?

Your TV will access a few signals free of charge. For more choices, you can subscribe to many movie, sports, music, and entertainment channels. A monthly rate will be charged depending on the channels package you choose.

Phone and Service Choices

You have a lot of choices. Competing phone/service providers are located in most shopping centres, and you’ll see lots of advertising. You can also buy your phone service online. For cellular phones, you can choose to sign a contract, which may cost less, or purchase minutes as you need them (called “Pay As You Go”).

Mobile Phone from another Country?

You should check with cellular service providers to see if your foreign phone can be activated in Canada.


Both dial-up and high-speed service is available from several service providers in Edmonton.

Main Providers

  • Bell Canada offers residential and cell phone, internet, and TV services. 
  • Compare Cellular is a website that compares prices for cell phone services. 
  • Rogers provides residential and cell phone and internet services.
  • Shaw Communications Inc. provides residential cable TV, internet, and phone services. 
  • Shaw Direct provides digital satellite TV services. 
  • TELUS provides residential phone, internet, and TV services.
  • TELUS Mobility provides cell phone services.