Edmonton Research Park

Edmonton Research Park

Welcome to the Edmonton Research Park

The Edmonton Research Park (ERP) was established in 1980 for companies with new ideas. Today, more than 1,500 people work for over 55 companies at the ERP. They're engaged in advanced research in medicine, biotechnology, software, petroleum research, cold climate engineering, nanotechnology and clean energy.

These are leading-edge companies, creating foundations for the future economy. The synergy here is powerful, the networking opportunities endless.

Edmonton Research Park offers these companies a variety of facilities and services and can accommodate any stage of a company's development, from incubation for start-ups, through to vacant sites for larger companies to build their own research & development facilities.

Set in a beautiful, spacious campus in south Edmonton, the location is only 15 minutes from the centre of Alberta’s capital city, and the same distance from both the International Airport and the University of Alberta, one of Canada’s premier research universities.